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devel-based-on-masterwip- add http service skeletonBjørn Mork3 years
devel-wip-branchunlocking and wifi scanningBjørn Mork4 years
masterdoc: rename manual to README - replacing symlinkBjørn Mork3 years
v0.02commit fee9525490...Bjørn Mork4 years
v0.01commit 6f04456b93...Bjørn Mork4 years
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2019-10-31doc: rename manual to README - replacing symlinkHEADmasterBjørn Mork
2019-10-29doc: add a note about restarting bluetoothdBjørn Mork
2019-10-27doc: add info on OEM firmware downloadBjørn Mork
2019-05-15adding some failsafing to the fimrware updaterv0.02Bjørn Mork
2019-05-15add all auto-generated files to .gitignoreBjørn Mork
2019-05-15Documenting RTSPBjørn Mork
2019-05-15Adding remote RTSP support to local startup scriptBjørn Mork
2019-05-15Bluetooth: Add support for enabling RTSP temporarilyBjørn Mork
2019-05-15Adding some pictures and other references to the docsv0.01Bjørn Mork
2019-05-15create README symlink for easier viewing on githubBjørn Mork