BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterwipBjørn Mork3 years
v0.02commit 5073efc2c8...Bjørn Mork3 years
v0.01commit 106eea47a2...Bjørn Mork3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2019-05-30wipHEADmasterBjørn Mork
2019-05-30poll will return on HUP, so we need to handle cfg read thereBjørn Mork
2019-05-30reread config on HUPBjørn Mork
2019-05-30add missing units based on data received from an Aidon meterBjørn Mork
2019-05-30map the parts of the unit enum we knowBjørn Mork
2019-05-30fix signed 8bit and 16bit integersBjørn Mork
2019-05-29doc bugBjørn Mork
2019-05-29add openwrt example packagev0.01Bjørn Mork
2019-05-29more doc updatesBjørn Mork
2019-05-29implement mqtt loggingBjørn Mork