BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
alignment-fixfixup! libqmi-glib,utils: handle alignment issues when reading integers from ...Aleksander Morgado10 years
dcbw/cli-set-system-selection-preferencecli: impelement Set System Selection PreferenceDan Williams10 years
dcbw/wds-eventswds: fix the 'Data Systems' TLV in the "Event Report" indicationAleksander Morgado10 years
endianfixup! libqmi-glib,qmi-codegen: add endian-ness annotation capabilityAleksander Morgado10 years
instance-idcli: new `--device-open-instance-id' optional switchAleksander Morgado10 years
masterlibqmi-glib,message: remove "raw_length > 0" assertBjørn Mork19 months
uimcli: new `--uim-read-eficcid' actionAleksander Morgado10 years
validate-tlvRevert "libqmi-glib,message: include raw data buffer when building printable ...Aleksander Morgado10 years
1.2.0commit c188ed507d...Dan Williams10 years
1.0.0commit abab11c291...Dan Williams10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2021-04-23libqmi-glib,message: remove "raw_length > 0" assertHEADmasterBjørn Mork
2021-04-21build: disable gtkdocize in autoreconfAleksander Morgado
2021-04-20build: Rename template filesIñigo Martínez
2021-04-20collection,basic: add WMS Send ACKClayton Craft
2021-04-08build: version bump to flag existence of new API (apn type)Aleksander Morgado
2021-04-08libqmi-glib,device: plug memleak when QmiDevice is opened multiple timesAleksander Morgado
2021-04-08wds: add 'APN type' in profile create/modify operationsAleksander Morgado
2021-03-30libqmi: fix build when ARPHRD_RAWIP isn't defined in libcAleksander Morgado
2021-03-25qmicli,nas: report 5G-SA cell in --nas-get-cell-location-infoAleksander Morgado
2021-03-25nas: support 5G-SA cellCarl Yin